These New Demons Are Changing Me Inside
My name is Jonny or you can just call me Khanh. I am a quarter white so i am no FOB lols. I'm 21 and SINGLE. As you can see I like to listen to various of rock bands. I really have a big problem with bullies because I have been bullied for all my life. Now its different because I show what I am and what I am is a human like everyone else . Attila, Attack Attack!, Chelsea Grin, I See Stars, Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Suicide Silence, Pierce The Veil, We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Woe Is Me, Etc lols theres so much. If you wanna know more about me just ask. Follow me and I'll follow back :) I'm currently living in Beaufort South Carolina just so everyone knows haha. I don't like anonymous questions because it's kinda of a pet peeve to be honest. Just be straight forward please

Girl that I met in charlotte 4/20 hollow bodies tour

So I went to see blessthefall and it was amazing. Held beaus hand and he sang to me. 2inches away. I remember there was a girl next to me and she was pretty. She pat me on the back and said good show or something. Idk I was wondering if anyone know who she is because I would like to talk to her.

You can’t run learn to die
This heart is yours
I keep to myself
I’ll open mine daily
Punk Bitch walking tall
I’m always with you
I’ve just failed so many times
tell me who is to blame
A cut cannot heal